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Interns Share Their Hands-On Experiences at SSI

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21 Sep 2023

As college students seek their desired careers, internships provide valuable insight into a company and its roles. Software Solutions Integrated (SSI) consistently employs several interns. Most interns join during the summer, and some stay on throughout the school year or return between school sessions.

Opportunities to fit multiple majors

Jack Townsend learned about internship possibilities while meeting with SSI staff at the Eastern Illinois University Job Fair where he is pursuing an accounting degree. He says, “I really enjoyed learning about their day-to-day lives at SSI and decided to reach out to them about becoming an intern.”

Students from numerous colleges and universities pursuing degrees in computer science, data science, accounting, agronomy, agriculture business, geographic information systems, business management, information technology, software development, IT programming, and many others enjoy internships at SSI. Many interns move into full-time positions after graduation. Intern Jared Beyers attends Greenville University in Business Management with a minor in Informational Technology and was interested in a job in the tech field. Beyers said he learned about SSI from its positive reputation and said that word of mouth about the company and learning of its impact on an employee’s life influenced him to seek an internship with SSI.

On-the-job training

Project work for interns varies based on the department. Many SSI interns join teams in software development or a customer support area aligned with their fields of study, such as accounting, grain, energy, or agronomy. Cole Evans, an intern in Development, is working towards a degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Data Science from Bradley University and says, “The internship is very hands-on working in actual teams, learning exactly what is going on in a day-to-day basis for a developer. I have gained the ability to work with software like Jira and gained a better knowledge of repository software. Also, I have learned a lot about full stack developing as a whole.”

Audrey Volle is attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a major in Computer Science and added, “From day one, I was given real responsibilities and worked on engaging projects. The learning curve may seem steep initially, but the support and mentorship provided by the team helped me gain confidence in my abilities.” Townsend, interning in Accounting Support, agrees and describes how the internship began with educational training lessons in Agvance Accounting. “Not only have these lessons helped me understand the software, but they have also taught me some very crucial accounting principles. This internship has also improved my problem-solving skills…and I have established some stronger communication skills.”

Experiencing company culture

As the staff at SSI develops and supports software and applications for agriculture retailer customers, the interns are part of the team and get a chance to experience the company and culture. Volle describes the teamwork by saying, “Overall, it did not take long for me to realize how prioritized teamwork is here at SSI and how important it is for the company’s culture.” Leo Logue, an IT Programming student from Lakeland Community College, says, “It’s a great place to learn and work,” adding, “It helps prepare by giving real-world problems and allows you to actually see how a company works and deals with problems.” Beyers additionally commented on the overall experience saying, “The work is fun, and the employees are what makes my experience the best.”

Preparation for the future

Several interns shared their thoughts when asked how their internship with SSI helped prepare them for their future careers. Beyers said the training helped him break into the tech work field and because of the experience, he can see himself in this career. According to Volle, she has gained valuable programming skills, and “SSI’s internship involves real work settings and projects like team meetings and development, providing invaluable practical skills and industry exposure. The supportive environment, mentorship, and constructive feedback have boosted my confidence and prepared me for my future career.” Logue concluded, “It’s been great, there is so much to learn and everyone here is always willing to help out.”

The staff at SSI appreciate the hard work of all our interns and their positive impacts on SSI products and services! Visit the website Careers page for information about job opportunities at SSI. Internship opportunities are not explicitly listed, but please contact Human Resources for more information.