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EnergyForce.net Website Refresh

Published on

30 Mar 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Energy Force website! The website recently went under what we would consider a big facelift as we added new content, images, videos, and information about the Energy Force suite of tools. The website refresh began several months ago as we saw the need to make the site a little more user and conversion-friendly.

The format is a lot different than the prior website and has several featured areas. Learn about Energy Force under the “Why Energy Force” tab on the website. We have separated the product suite into really three categories. “For the truck,” “For the Customer” and “For the Office” are the three main focal areas under the product suite tab. This was designed with the end user in mind as they look to learn more about Energy Force and how it can help their business in those three areas. Take the new site for a “test drive” as we continue to build more content now that the new site has been launched!

Since the acquisition in 2020, the Energy Force website was a priority as more integrations and components were being updated. Dave Craft, Vice President of Marketing, felt that now was a good time to present the product in a different format. “We had a lot of changes coming both with the software and the brand as a whole,” said Craft. “We rebranded around a year after the acquisition and have been updating many of the Energy Force modules. Now felt like a good time to bring forward the new website so potential customers can learn more about the Energy Force brand and its story.”

The new site is more robust as this allows visitors to find information needed much easier as they navigate the site. If you are interested in learning more about Energy Force, please complete the form below to find out more information.