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98% of our Customers Indicate Happiness or Satisfaction with Our Customer Service!

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03 Oct 2023

This is an achievement we couldn’t be more delighted to share! SSI customers are asked to rate their satisfaction following each request for assistance, also known as a Support Call or Ticket. Of the respondents, 98% of our customers indicate happiness or satisfaction with the service provided by SSI!

Over the last year, the SSI Customer Support Team has answered over 40,000 calls at an average of over 155 calls per day. At this year’s Annual Meeting, Pam Rincker, SSI President and CEO, explained, “Some of those calls last five minutes, some last five hours, and some last five days, depending on the complexity. 98% approval is not an anomaly. This is where they are year in and year out. Customer satisfaction or customer happiness is being measured here daily, and terrifically.”

Heather Karbach, Vice President of Customer Service guides the team and says, “This customer service team is such a talented group of individuals! I’m proud of our consistent satisfaction rate. The varied backgrounds of the team make us the awesome team that we are!” Although team members often assist with a great variety of customer requests, the support staff also each have a specialization area within accounting, grain, agronomy, or energy that is backed up by prior industry experience and education.

In addition to answering customer calls, the Customer Service Team serves as a valuable resource to other staff. The team provides customer training, demonstrations, and implementation of products and they serve as customer advocates. If somebody has a question, they are there to help. Karbach also emphasized the teamwork of the entire company saying, “When the support team gets stuck, and we do, we look towards other resources in the company. Everyone at SSI is a part of the customer service effort we provide. It is important to us all because without customers we don’t have a business!”

In honor of Customer Service Week, we’d like to recognize our SSI staff. Many are visible as they interact with users of Agvance and EnergyForce and take questions by phone, email, video calls, or face-to-face. Behind those calls, customer service also runs deeper involving research with developers, data specialists, and many more. At SSI, we are proud to call them all part of the team as they go above and beyond to serve our customers each day!

Assistance for Agvance and EnergyForce Customers is Readily Available

To work with a Customer Support Team member, customers may call 800-752-7912 and speak to our friendly SSI receptionists or send an email to or

From both the Agvance Help Center and EnergyForce Help Center, select Contact Support to start a request. In addition, both Help Centers contain a valuable knowledge base of how-to documents and videos. Another avenue to request support is found within Agvance SKY. From there, select the Need Help–Ask button to create a Support Ticket or choose to search the Help Resources.